Awards and Recognition

Below you will find a glimpse into the wonderous past of awards received by Jules Thornton-Brison of WaterSpider Creations. She has actively received awards for the better part of ten years within the Native Art Community. 

Copper Sunset

Black turkey feathers and natural turkey feathers, hemp, leather, sinew

2 nd place Cherokee National Holiday Art Show 2015


Natural turkey feathers, hemp, sinew, leather

honorable mention Cherokee National Holiday 2016

Water Is Life

Wool and acrylic yarn

2nd place Cherokee national holiday art show 2017
2ND Place Cushing Native Fest 2017

Stomp It Out

Cotton fabric, acrylic yarn

2nd Place Cushing Native Art Show 2018

New Beginnings Are Coming

Goose feather cape, cotton trade shirt, puckertoe moccasins, flat reed market basket, fingerwoven belt, trade beads, wool wrap skirt

Bill Rabbit Legacy Award Cherokee Homecoming Art Show 2019
Judges Choice Cherokee Homecoming Art Show 2019

**Piece is owned by Cherokee Nation Businesses**

MMIW Honoring Our Cherokee Sister


Black goose feather cape, glass beads, wool wrap skirt, embroidery
3rd Place Cushing Native Fest 2019

Daughter of Two Worlds

Wool, satin and silk ribbon, white glass beads, tartan, cotton trade shirt, wool match coat

2nd Place Cherokee National Holiday Art Show 

The Sacrament

White goose feathers, white sinew, and  deer hide 

Judges Choice Awar2021 Artesian Art Show

Medicine In The Woods II

Turkey feathers, elk hide, cotton fabric, trade silver, match coat, white beads


A Daughter of Two Worlds. Final Completion

Wool, satin and silk ribbon, white glass beads, tartan, cotton trade shirt, wool match coat

Honorable mention Trail of tears art show 2021, diverse

Located in 

Checotah, OK

ᏣᎳᎩ ᎬᏗ kᎠᎹᎹ ᏓᏩᏙᎥ ᎠᎴ ᎩᎵᏏᏃ ᎬᏗ Julie Thornton-Brison ᏓᏩᏙᎥ. Checotah, ᎣᎦᎳᎰᎹ9. ᎠᏯ ᏗᏟᎶᏍᏔᏅᎲᏍᎩ ᏣᎳᎩ. My name is Julie Thornton-Brison and I am a proud citizen of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma. I am a South Eastern Woodlands artist with a main focus in both traditional Pre- and Post-Contact textiles and weaving. I have continued mentorship under several Cherokee National Treasurers, as well as other accomplished artists in textiles, baskets, weaving, and beadwork. I represented the Cherokee Nation as Junior Miss Cherokee, 2012-2013, Miss Cherokee, 2013-2014, Miss Oklahoma Indian Summer, 2015-2016, as well as multiple terms on the Cherokee Nation Tribal Youth Council. I was also a member of the award-winning Cherokee National Youth Choir, served as the Youth Advocate Awardee for the Seventh Generation Conference in 2016 and awarded the “Cherokee Nation Phoenix’s 7 Feathers Award for Culture in 2020. Over the last 11 years I have won numerous awards at venues across the United States, the presence of Cherokee culture is found in all of my work. I am a full time textiles artist, and reside in Checotah, OK, I.T. 

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